Gina Johar

Vice President and Chief Digital Officer

Quinte Health

Gina’s current responsibilities include Information Management, Information Technology, Clinical Systems, Decision Support, Health Records, Registration, and Privacy. Gina’s healthcare experience began early in her graduate study career where her research focused on clinical variation in cardiac care units as well as clinical trial development and administration. More recent areas of academic and provincial focus include Electronic Health Record governance, population health management, intellectual property in innovation, data trust constructs in healthcare, privacy and security in digital health, healthcare administration and healthcare leadership. Gina’s education has specialized in information science, privacy, health care administration, and executive leadership. She has a graduate degree from Western University and also began pursuit of a PhD which she currently has on hold. Gina also holds faculty appointments with St. Lawrence College and the University of Toronto. She has also held a number of board appointments to support digital health and community organizations. As much as she enjoys the technology and business of healthcare, the ability to be part of a system that works towards leaving healthcare in a little bit of a better place is rewarding as well as being a catalyst for innovation in healthcare. Bringing humanity and compassion to people, processes and technology brings enjoyment to Gina.

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Day 1: Dec 5, 2023

Day 2: Dec 6, 2023