Dr. Alex Alexander MD

Alberta Provincial Health Analytics Officer and Executive Director of Analytics and Performance Reporting for Ministry of Health

Government of Alberta

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Day 1: Dec 2, 2020

Day 2: Dec 3, 2020

10:00 am

10:00 am


Strengthening government services delivery using Analytics in Alberta using Common Client approach

Across governments, in many jurisdictions, individual government agencies allocate significant human and financial resources to programs and services directed towards prolific clients and their families. These individuals often have complex needs that bring them into contact with government officials on a weekly, if not daily, basis.  Often, the effort and services expended on these clients and their families are uncoordinated across government agencies. The lack of coordination between agencies may lead to duplication of efforts, inefficient use of resources and most importantly, poor outcomes for clients

Common Client initiative aims to achieve the following

  • Identify common clients across various government agencies in data sets without common identifiers
  • Use data driven approach to define common clients
  • Examine Patterns of Service Use Among Common Clients to enable service delivery optimization